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Dahlia4 has been developed by New Zealand based natural supplements manufacturer Lifespan NZ Ltd, in collaboration with the University of Otago's neuroscientists. A a passionate team of hard-working kiwis have been beavering away behind the scenes to bring this revolutionary product to consumers the world. 

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Meet the team

Associate Professor Alexander Tups
Neuroscientist and Developer of Dahlia4 (DE-BIS276®)

Associate Professor Alexander Tups has published 46 research papers and received notable awards in the field of neuroendocrine research and commercialisation research in the UK, Germany and New Zealand.

Along with his research team at Otago University, Professor Tups has discovered a natural substance derived from plants that promotes optimal brain circulation and supports blood sugar balance. His team’s work over the last 10 years has culminated in the research, development and patent of Dahlia4 (DE-BIS276®). The research is supported by various organizations, including Return on Science, Maurice Wilkins Centre, Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Fund, and the German Research Foundation. 
Ben Winters
Chief Executive Officer

Ben Winters has over 25 years experience in the developing premium quality natural supplements that are backed by scientific research and clinical studies. He is passionate about ensuring high levels of quality and efficacy, having successfully developed over 20 unique products that are highly regarded in international markets supported by his extensive industry experience and degree in commerce.
Johnny Gallagher
General Manager

John Gallagher oversees all aspects of the Dahlia4 supply chain, collaborating with the executive team to provide strategic and operational guidance and contributing to the overall leadership of the company.

"Scientific evidence now suggests a new focus for supporting normal blood sugar – so now we look at supporting not the pancreas, but the brain."

Professor Alexander Tups 
Otago University, New Zealand

100% natural

Dahlia4® utilises a blend of natural molecules from the dahlia plant in a new approach to supporting normal blood sugar balance.

Backed by 
scientific research

DE-BIS276® has been scientifically researched and developed over the past 10 years by a specialised team at the University of Otago.

Investing in 
future research

Science never stops moving forward, and we will continue to invest time and resources in more research in this area.

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